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Why choose Complete Auctions:

Because we will deliver...

Standing out from the crowd!

Our clients tells us that they want a business they can trust to provide ethical and professional advice on how to maximise the value of their home, so that is what we provide!

Property auctions remain a popular mode of sale due to their convenience, speed, certainty and the evidence that a higher price can often be achieved in the heat of the auction room than by private treaty sales. 


There is no faster way of selling a property. The process can take as little as five weeks from instructing us, through to an exchange of contracts. You will likely bank the proceeds of your sale within eight to ten weeks from going to the market. A sale by auction does away with all of the uncertainty and delays that can be part of selling property by conventional means. When a chain breaks, much of the power of marketing can be lost and the process must start again. In an auction, bidders are ready to exchange contracts immediately in the confidence the seller is serious about the sale. We regularly hold collective auction sales. In addition we also conduct single lot sales in between collective auctions, therefore ensuring that you can sell at any time. 


Auction gives you a greater likelihood of selling your property than by private treaty. Typically we sell around 85% of the lots offered. If you need a certain sale you really should consider the auction route.

Guaranteed Commitment:

Auction sales attract only serious buyers who can perform on the day by paying their deposit and exchanging contracts immediately – there is no backing out! A realistic reserve price is set and the fall of the gavel at the highest bid over the reserve constitutes a binding contract. Neither party can withdraw and the price is fixed.

Open House Viewing Days:

We set up special press promoted viewing days for your property. Each is hosted by a member of our Auctions team, who can talk knowledgeably about the potential that your property offers and answer all manner of questions from prospective buyers. It is by talking with these viewers that we can judge interest and help guide you in setting the Reserve Price.

Auction Packs:

As part of our Auction service we ensure all the necessary legal information on each property before the auction to enable an immediate exchange of contracts at the time of the sale and a quick completion.

Auction Catalogue:

High quality auction catalogues detail each lot for sale, helping to present them in a clear and professional manner for potential buyers. The details including colour photographs, a description and Ordnance Survey location plan make it easier to identify the key features of each property.

Quality Auction Venues:

Auction venues are chosen carefully, taking account of facilities and ease of access as many interested buyers will come from out of the region as well as the immediate area. A large crowd within the auction rooms always adds to the atmosphere and to a more likely chance of success for properties entered.


The internet generates more buyers than any other advertising medium and porvides fast and convenient way to communicate. We recognise this and esure that all our clients have access to all the key internet portals and our state of the art Website. We are constantly working on optimising it's effectivness and it provide unique facilities.

Buyers 1st Choice:

The best price is often achieved at Auction and as the leading Estate Agency in the area we are often the first and only contact for 100’s of new buyers every month. 

Strategic Marketing:

Our Strategic Marketing Strategy ensures that every auction property receives the widest exposure to the market, in order to attract the maximum number of potential bidders and achieve the best possible sale price. In truth nobody offers more high profile marketing than you will receive locally or nationally from Complete.

It is designed to maximise it's key selling points to clearly defined target audencies. We deliver focused messages to potential buyers through a concise mix of advertising, editorial, database matching and direct marketing.

In order to ensure a swift and successful sale our team will visit your home to ensure we have a precise understanding of its location, features and local amenities.

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The Best Price:

Our aim is to generate interest from two or more prospective property buyers and to encourage them to bid against each other. The process of competitive bidding will help your property to achieve ‘best price’ on the day. Sometimes buyers are so anxious to acquire a property that they put in a very strong pre-auction offer – if in our view, that figure is unlikely to be reached or surpassed in the Auction Room, we will recommend its acceptance under Auction rules, and with a condition that contracts are exchanged at least five working days in advance of the Auction day.

Often properties achieve a sale price at Auction in excess of the Guide Price. Regularly the result is ahead of that which might have been acceptable with a Private Treaty sale, but you can always be sure that it has achieved its Best Price on the day. This is especially important on Probate properties where Executors are required to achieve “Best Price”. When Auction is the chosen sale route then this is guaranteed and also open to public scrutiny.

Continuing Tenancy Income:

More and more investment properties are now being sold by Auction, without vacant possession being obtained in advance. By continuing the tenancy the vendor will continue to receive rent until completion date, and the purchaser will start receiving an income from that date onwards. Auction House sells a wide variety of occupied properties – Regulated Tenancies, Houses in Multiple Occupation, Assured Shortholds and others that are let commercially.

No Re-negotiation:

With Private Treaty sales a price agreed often isn’t the price you finally receive. With Auction there is no re-negotiation, no discounting to take account of survey findings or any last minute gazundering. With Auction your buyer should have fully researched the property’s condition prior to bidding and cannot reduce the sale price after the hammer has fallen.

Time Scale:

If you are in a hurry or have a deadline to meet, then Auction could well be right for you. From the outset you will know the date of the Auction and legal completion will usually be set for 28 days thereafter. This time-scale is fixed and legally binding on the two parties. Financial pressures, and the need to relocate or dispose of a property in a specific time frame, can be easily accommodated and are almost always met with a sale by Auction.

Free Valuation:

We offer free valuations and expert advice on the most effective method of obtaining the best possible price at auction – and whether the property would be better sold through the conventional estate agency route. Ideally owners should consult us well in advance of the auction day in order to allow the maximum time for promotion of the property to the widest number of potential buyers.


Because auctions are conducted in public, there can be no secret bidding or unfair competition. Lots are offered at a realistic guide price, in a completely transparent and truly competitive environment.

The seller dictates the terms All legal documents and essential information are available to the buyer prior to the auction so the buyer accepts the sellers terms or does not bid for the property.

Auction Services:

We recognise that selling your home by Auction is a complex process that requires a number of other services. Our aim is to deliver a tailor made solution that allows our clients to obtain as many of those services as they require from Complete.

  • To find out more simply click the Auction Services tab.

Whenever our clients say "We would like to recommend Complete" we post their comments on our Testamonials page.

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Expert Auctioneers:

Our knowledge of the local, regional and national marketplace is unrivalled. Our teams are headed by an elite network of independent estate agents chosen for their ability to deliver exceptional independent property services to our clients.

The diverse range of properties entrusted to our experts to auction include houses and Grade II listed buildings, farms, barns for conversion, small holdings, equestrian  property, land, building plots, commercial and development opportunities which reflect the wide range and breadth of specialist skills within the firm.

In the current market, selling by auction is an important and attractive method of sale and  we are regularly undertaking valuations for this purpose for a range of vendors throughout the UK.

If you are considering that your property may be suitable for sale by auction, simply:

  • Call 08432 161 401 or click Please Call Me


  • Speed
  • Success
  • Website
  • Fairness
  • Best Price
  • Catalogue
  • Time Scale
  • Auction Packs
  • Free Valuation
  • Quality Venues
  • Maximise Value
  • Auction Services
  • Tenancy Income
  • No Re-Negotiation
  • Expert Auctioneers
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Immediate Exchange
  • Guananteed Commitment
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